ADC Theatre Workshop

Park Street

The ADC Theatre has a small but well-equipped workshop under the main stage. This workshop can be used for free by any show that is performing at the theatre, but you will generally only have access to it after opening night of the preceding show (typically from Wednesday of the week before your show). The workshop can't be used during performances of other shows, because any sound carries up to the stage.

It may be possible to arrange additional time in the workshop by negotiation with the theatre management and the preceding shows, but this is not guaranteed and is very much dependent on how much space is needed by those other shows.

The workshop is equipped with a large selection of hand tools and power tools, but the power tools can only be used by people who have received training in their operation by the theatre management. You should contact the ADC Theatre in advance for more information about this.

There is also a collection of stock flats, drapes, furniture, and metrodeck/treads that may be used for free by shows performing at the theatre. A very small amount of this stock is available to hire, at cost, for use in other venues, and again you should contact the ADC Theatre for more information about this.