Lolworth Barn

Hill Farm
Huntingdon Road
CB23 8DP

Lolworth Barn is a set storage facility with space for set building and painting, in some barns at Hill Farm, Lolworth. The barns are rented by Bawds and Combined Actors of Cambridge, and if you're building set for one of their shows, you'll be able to use the space for free. There may be a small hire charge if you want to build set for another group, and this may be dependent on the time and space required by Bawds and Combined Actors of Cambridge.

There are a large number of stock flats (of varying quality), and also a furniture and an extensive props store.  Subject to availability, Bawds and Combined are happy to lend out items (scenery, furniture and props) to other local groups in return for a donation appropriate to the group and the show.   

The barn has space to work on large pieces of scenery, but is only equipped with a small selection of hand tools. Electricity is available if you want to take your own power tools. The barn can get super cold in winter, so it advisable to wrap up well if visiting.  The barn does have a kettle and microwave for the preparation of hot drinks and food, but that is all. 

Access to the barn is only possible from the Southbound carriageway of the A14. If you are travelling North from Cambridge, continue past the turning to Lolworth until you reach Cambridge Services (junction 28). Leave the A14 here, and turn round to rejoin the Southbound carriageway. Access to Hill Farm is then possible via a left turn at the second T-Junction with the A14 (there isn't a slip-road, so take care!). You can spot the junction approaching by the row of houses that line the road to the farm. NB This may change as the A14 building works progress!