Open day

Sunday 6 January 2013, 10:30 - 16:00
Park Street

This day has two aims:

1) In the afternoon, as at previous training days, more experienced members will have the opportunity to be trained and signed off on ADC equipment (power tools, hemps, etc.), and there will be a demonstration of pyros and things that go flash and bang!

2) In the morning and the early part of the afternoon, we want to give members who are newer to the club a chance to have hands-on experience at doing some of the tasks we routinely do during Get-Ins and Get-Outs - but in a relaxed environment and with plenty of time for questions! We'll start with a tour of useful places in the theatre, then look at three common types of theatre equipment:

  • Lighting: meeting different types of lights and how to rig them; decoding a lighting plan
  • Decking: how to build and handle it - it's not as heavy as it looks!
  • Masking and flying: getting a cloth onto a bar, and an introduction to the counterweights and hemps galleries.

We'll also have a go at putting together a slick scene change and share some good backstage tips for crewing.

As is traditional at ADC get-ins, we plan to have lunch at The Maypole.

You are welcome to attend for the whole day, or come just for the morning or afternoon (or even just for lunch). Whatever you plan to do, however, please contact us stating which sessions you would be interested in attending so that we can accommodate you.