Introduction to Sound

Saturday 20 April 2013, 09:00 - 13:30
Park Street

This workshop is intended to be a basic introduction to sound in the ADC for those with little or no experience, and will be split into two halves.

  The first half will be a general introduction to all things noise, covering inputs (microphones, instruments, and playback devices - e.g. cd players), processing (mixing desks, effects) and outputs (amplifiers, speakers).   The second half will be focussed around the ADC's sound system and how to use it, including a tour of the building, how to power up and run a simple show's sound.   I would like to try to tailor the workshop to people's requirements, so please do get in touch with Rachel if you'd prefer a particular emphasis on anything or would like me to cover something I've not outlined above.     After lunch the sound get-in for Follies will be continuing at the ADC, lead by Paul - which would be a good place to gain some hands on experience with some sound kit for a real show.