Time to Learn

Saturday 10 September 2016, 11:30 - 15:30
Park Street

We have the ADC Theatre on Park Street booked on the 10th September to use for time to help people learn more about what we do and how the kit the ADC has works.  We'll be running a number of different sessions so to find out what's for you, read on!

We will be starting with a tour of the theatre at 11:30 so if you're new to us or backstage work then do come along and see how the theatre is laid out and the type of equipment is has.  If you can let us know if you're thinking of turning up then we'll know not to start without you. 

We'll grab lunch at the Maypole at 1pm, and then from 2pm we'll spend some time on the requests we've had.  So far these have been for some time on knots and hemps, patching and how to operate the lights for a show, but we're happy to take more requests - just let us know.    

There'll be a few of us gently floating around the theatre so if you do fancy popping along for a few minutes in the afternoon just to say hello, then do drop by.  


  So, a quick summary of the day:  
  • 11:30: Theatre Tour.  Meet in the foyer.
  • 13:00:  Lunch at the Maypole for anyone who wants to join us
  • 14:00:  Afternoon session on stage covering:
    • knots and patching
    • how to operate the lights for a show
    • Anything else you can suggest!!!
    • general drop in
If you have any questions about the day, do ask here