Saturday 7 October 2017, 11:30 - 18:00
Park Street

Since the last cycle went well, we're planning another on Saturday 7th October. Weather permitting, of course.

We're heading to Hartford in Huntingdon, which is really pretty and home to at least one Club member. The busway cycle route gets us to St Ives where it’s a hop skip and jump over to Hartford where there is a very friendly pub, The King of the Belgians, where we can refuel with lunch and then see about continuing drinking there or visiting those who live there, depending on numbers!

It’s a journey of an hour and a half by Google or so from central Cambridge, and the plan is to meet at the ADC Theatre at about 12:00. People living along the route can join as it passes. The pub is booked for 2pm for anyone wanting to meet up there, and would like numbers and pre-orders (menu here) as much as possible.

The busway also drops off at the pubs for anyone who wants to skip on the cycling (look for the Hollow stop after Hartford Marina and the Fayre & Square), the bus runs until late evening, and there’s parking at the Belgian or the Barley Mow just across the road.

The planned route is here. Please RSVP to clubcontact [at] penguinclub [dot] org [dot] uk so we don’t leave you behind!