Training day

Sunday 25 July 2010, 10:00 - 17:00
Park Street

We have organised a training day at the ADC Theatre on Sunday 25th July. The day will be split into two sessions. The morning session will start at 10am (a lie-in!) and will be in-depth training in one subject from the list below, with lots of hands on experience. Lunch will follow at The Maypole.

The afternoon will be finishing off the morning session if required, and will also have a range of short sessions which can be dipped in and out of as required. This will include ADC hemp, power tool and stage management training, as well as any other less formal topics you can think of eg. knot tying, winding/breaking the iron, counterweights etc. Groups will be made up of approximately 4 or 5 people, with no experience is assumed at the start of a session.

There will be future training days so don't worry if there is something you end up missing out on. Also don't worry if you can only make half of the day.

If you are planning on attending the morning session, please choose your top three preferences from the list below via the form at so that we can get an idea of group numbers. We'll try to give everyone their first preference, but can't guarantee it. The choices are:

  • Lighting (from plan to lighting bar)
  • Sound design
  • Google SketchUp (a free set design tool)
  • Stage management and Deputy stage management (planning and doing)
  • Practical power tool usage (please only select this if you're already trained to use power tools at the ADC)
  • The mystery option...