First Wednesday drinks

Wednesday 1 April 2020, 19:30 - 23:00

For obvious reasons we will not be meeting in a pub for our regular first Wedneday drinks this month, instead we'll be using Zoom, and details on how to join were sent out via e-mail. If you've not used Zoom before, it's very simple to setup, with apps available for iOS and Android, and a lightweight application you can install on PC and Mac. You don't need an account but it is helpful to have installed it ahead of time. If you can't make any of these options work, you do have the final option of calling in using a regular phone.

This is obviously a new way of doing first Wednesday, so please bear with us if things don't immediately run smoothly. We're going to try and see how things go in the first instance, and we do have the option of using breakout rooms within zoom if a lot of people attend and we want more than one conversation happening at once.