First Wednesday drinks special

Wednesday 4 August 2010, 20:00 - 23:00
The Architect (
43 Castle Street

A regular monthly gathering for some drinks and theatre-related chat. An ideal opportunity for new members to meet other people in the club, and for everyone to catch up with the latest news about any upcoming shows and events.

This month is a special occasion: as you may be aware, we are involved with a production of The Borrowers in December.

Because of the nature of the story, little people living under the floorboards of the big house, we have to amongst other things produce some giant items, puppets of animals, maybe extra large peices such as cotton reels which will make tables.

Gloria Milne, who is directing the production, is very keen for penguins to get involved and share their expertise.  Dominic, our esteemed chairman and tech expert, has agreed to lead a team of penguins in bringing together ideas to design and build these 'special effects'. Gloria will be attending this month's first Wednesday drinks to explain her ideas and hopefully make some of you at least want to join in what will be a fun and great learning experience for us.

Once these effects are built and ready for their debut we will need people to operate them. If you want to get involved in operating the puppets you will need to attend rehearsals - not necessarily all, but certainly quite a few and all rehearsals as the show gets closer. The amount of time you need to give will be decided by what the director needs. A rehearsal schedule will be made available.

So if you are interested in building and/or operating, please come along on Wednesday 4th August. Gloria will aim to give her introduction at about 8:30pm, so there will be time to get a drink beforehand.