Promoting the Penguin Club

Recruiting more Penguins is important as we support an ever-increasing number of shows. We ask that as a minimum our advert is carried in the programmes of shows we help. If you think members of your company or audience might want to know more about us we would encourage you to run the "Who are the crew?" poster backstage and/or the front-of-house poster.

Programme advert

You can download the logo and text here. The advert should end up looking something like this:

Penguin Club Logo Next time you come to a show would you like to be behind the scenes? The Penguin Club provides backstage help from set construction to stage management for shows in the Cambridge area and is always on the look out for new volunteers - previous experience is not required! If you're interested in knowing more, get in touch with us at clubcontact [at] penguinclub [dot] org [dot] uk and find more info at Facebook: Penguin Club or twitter: @TheatrePenguins

Who are the crew? poster

A straw poll of a number of cast members over recent shows has indicated that they don't all know that the crew are volunteers. In the spirit of both letting them know this and a little self promotion, there is now a simple A4 poster that explains this. It's available to download here, and could go up when we work at a venue, somewhere everyone has to walk past, for example next to the sign in sheet. Obviously not all the crew positions are filled by Club members, and the download contains two subtly different posters differing in their indication of how much of the crew is filled by Club members

Front of house advert

We have a large poster advertising the Penguin Club that can be printed large (up to A1) and has been designed to be displayed front of house.  If you have the opportunity to display posters to the audience we would appreciate you having one of ours visible to help promote the club and attract new members.  An A1 pre-printed version is available to use in the ADC Theatre.  If you're elsewhere, you'll need to organsie printing of the poster - various outlets can do this, including the ADC, for limited cost.  The file is quite large, but we can happily e-mail it to you on request.