Get-out Crew

The Get-out Crew will turn up at a theatre immediately after the last performance of a show has finished, and assist with removing all of the production's equipment from the theatre, returning the theatre to an empty state ready for the next show.

All of this work is carried out under the instruction of the Technical Director (or whoever they delegate to). There should be plans drawn up detailing which equipment is to kept, where it is going to and how it is being removed from the theatre, and which equipment is to remain in the theatre or be skipped.

Different venues may have different expectations of a get-out (e.g. are lanterns returned to a "standard rig" or left as they are?), and different production companies may have different expectations of what to keep (e.g. is the scenery going to be stored or skipped?). Get-out Crew are not expected to have detailed knowledge of the specifics for any one production - the plans drawn up beforehand by the Technical Director should work all of this out, allowing the Get-out Crew to simply follow instructions and complete the get-out as quickly and safely as possible.