Lighting Desk Programmer

The Lighting Desk Programmer is responsible for setting up the lighting desk to produce the lighting effects designed by the Lighting Designer and set up by the Chief Electrician. This role is normally only needed on large, complex shows, which have a large number of lanterns, lighting states and lighting cues. It is normally taken on by somebody who has familiarity with the particular model of lighting desk in the venue being used by the show, but who may not have any specific knowledge of the show itself.

During the technical and dress rehearsals, the Lighting Designer may wish to make alterations to the lighting states on the fly, and so the Lighting Desk Programmer will need to be able to respond to and implement the Lighting Designer's requests, whilst simultaneously taking on the responsibility of the Lighting Operator, responding to the Deputy Stage Manager to ensure that the rehearsal is not unduly affected by the changes being made.

Show-specific variations

Most shows in Cambridge will allow the Lighting Designer to make a choice as to whether they want to use a Lighting Desk Programmer, or take on the additional repsonsibilities of the this role themselves.