Lighting Operator

The Lighting Operator is responsible for operating all lighting effects during performances. This also involves turning up to the theatre in sufficient time before the audience are allowed into the auditorium to check that all of the lanterns are working correctly, and fixing any problems that are discovered.

Depending on the complexity of the show, all of the lighting states might be pre-recorded into the lighting desk, and operating the show is as simple as recalling them (by hitting the 'Go' button) at the correct time; or, for simpler shows, you may need to operate lights manually via a number of faders on the lighting desk.

On complex shows, there will be a Deputy Stage Manager who is responsible for calling all the cues to make sure you change the lighting states at the correct time to co-ordinate with other technical effects. For smaller shows (typically, but not always, those in studio spaces), you will be responsible for following a script yourself, and operating the lights according to cues written into the script.

Show-specific variations

Most shows in Cambridge will allow the Lighting Designer to make a choice as to whether they want to operate the lights themselves, or use separate Lighting Operators (who need not be the same person for every show).