Master Carpenter

The Master Carpenter is responsible for organising the whole set building process, constructing a set that meets the requirements given to them in the plans and drawings received from the Set Designer and/or Technical Director. This will require sourcing and purchasing materials, and agreeing with the Scenic Artist on a suitable time and place to build and paint the set prior to the get-in. Additional Set Builders may need to be found if the set is complex

The set itself should be as complete as possible before the get-in, including leaving time for the Scenic Artist to paint and decorate the set, so that valuable time at the get-in is not wasted by completing the set. The Master Carpenter may wish to assist the Technical Director with making arrangements to transport the set to the theatre before the get-in, assembling the set on stage during the get-in, and removing the set from the theatre at the end of the run.

Show-specific variations

Not every show chooses to have a Master Carpenter, and the role of co-ordinating the set build can be performed by either the Technical Director or Set Designer, if they are willing to do so.

Conversely, if a show chooses not to have a Techincal Director, the Master Carpenter should ensure that arrangements are for transporting the set to and from the theatre, and assembling it on stage.