Sound Effects Designer

The Sound Effects Designer Is responsible for sourcing or making appropriate sound effects that the show requires, and ensures that they fit in with the overall look and design of the rest of the show. Occasionally they may need to discuss with the Set Designer and/or Technical Director where speakers for sound effects can be hidden within the set.

Some directors will have a very strong view about the overall design and style of effects required, whereas others will give their designers a greater input into creating these.

For best results, the Sound Effects Designer should work with the other designers to ensure the sound effects are consistent with the overall design ideas. A production will look a lot better if each designer is following a consistent thread and taking into account of the look and atmosphere being created by the other designers.

Show-specific variations

It is normally left up to the Sound Effects Designer to decide whether they also want to take on the responsibilities of Sound Operator during performances. If you do want somebody else to take on this role, you should discuss it at an early production meeting, so as to ensure that everybody in the show knows what is happening, and that suitable time is allowed to find someone.