Sound Operator

The Sound Operator is responsible for controlling the sound desk during performances of a show. There are potentially two different aspects to this:

1) Playing all sound effects at the correct points in the show. On complex shows, this will be done on cue from the Deputy Stage Manager, but on simpler shows in smaller venues you may need to follow a script marked up with cues yourself.

2) On musicals, or any show with a live band or singers, you will need to mix the sound levels from all of the different microphones to ensure that the audience can hear a correct sound balance. You will also need to ensure that microphones are turned on and off as required, so that the audience don't hear people off stage - this is especially true if radio microphones are being used. Generally speaking, this task is always done without cueing from the Deputy Stage Manager - instead you will be following a script yourself.

Show-specific variations

In most Cambridge shows, the Sound Designer chooses to operate the show themselves. However, there is no reason why the Sound Designer cannot appoint a separate Sound Operator if they want to.