Stage Crew

The Stage Crew are responsible for moving all scenery and operating special effects during performances of a show. This will be done under the instruction of the Stage Manager or Deputy Stage Manager, who will have carefully planned which crew member is doing what, and who needs to be where, beforehand, so as to make the scene changes as smooth and efficient as possible.

The Stage Crew for a show can normally be made up of different people every night, and it is the responsibility of the Stage Manager to ensure that everybody knows what they are doing, and how to do it efficiently and safely. This may require practice runs of scene changes with all the crew before the start of the performance, especially for performances where new Stage Crew members are taking over a role for the first time.

Some members of Stage Crew will choose to do most or all peformances in the run of a show, whilst others will do one or two nights as required based on other people's availability.