Wardrobe Assistant

Wardrobe Assistants are responsible for maintaining costumes during the run of show, and making sure that the correct costumes are avialable for the cast at the correct time. This will require organising the dressing rooms during the get-in of the show, ensuring that all cast members have a space allocated for them, and all of their costumes are present and clearly labelled. These tasks may be carried out in conjuction with the Costume Designer.

Wardrobe Assistants will also be involved in helping cast with quick costume changes, normally just off-stage in the wings, in situations where cast members do not have a long period of time between two scenes where they need to be wearing two different costumes. This may require discussion with the Stage Manager to ensure that appropriate space is left in the wings for any such costumes to be stored.

Show-specific variations

On some shows in Cambridge, the Costume Designer will continue to work with the show during performances, and may even choose to work without any Wardrobe Assistants on small, simple shows. On other shows, the Costume Designer will not be present at all during performances, and Wardrobe Assistants will be in charge of maintaing the costumes.