The Weir

Performance times: 
Tuesday 27 March - Saturday 31 March 2012, 19:45
Written by Irish playwright Conor McPherson, The Weir won the Laurence Olivier Best New Play Award in 1998 and gained much critical acclaim. The play is typically Irish - one moment funny and the next poignant, one moment whimsical, the next tragic.

Set in a one-room pub, attached to a farm in a backwater area near Sligo, Brendan, the publican, and his two regulars, Jack and Jim, are challenged by the arrival of Finbar, local boy-made-good, bringing with him an attractive young woman, Valerie, who has come to live locally. The four customers are provoked into relating personal experiences that are inexplicable. The story-telling with its idiomatic Irish weaves a magical spell that will hold audiences in thrall as it moves from whimsy to tragedy.

Production team

Stage Manager
Chrissie Davies
Assistant Stage Manager
Diane Winkleby
Set Designer
Tony Broscomb
Lorraine Baker
Rachael Gittins
Sound Designer
Graham Potter
Hannah Curtis
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