The Old Curiosity Shop

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Bawds (
Performance times: 
Tuesday 10 December - Saturday 14 December 2013, 19:45
Saturday 14 December 2013, 14:30

The Old Curiosity Shop is the story of Nell Trent and her Grandfather, who wants to make sure that Nell is provided for when he dies. He’s borrowed money from the malicious Daniel Quilp, Dickens' most evil villain, and risks losing everything. He and Nell flee London to escape Quilp’s clutches and wander the English countryside, where they come across an assortment of interesting people.

Nick Warburton's new adaptation offers a wealth of memorable Dickensian characters including Dick Swiveller, a careless young man; a friend of Nell’s plotting brother, Fred, honest Kit Nubbles, who finds himself the victim of spite from people he’s never harmed; Sampson Brass, Quilp’s unscrupulous attorney, and his unpleasant sister Sally; the kindly Mrs Jarley, proprietor of a travelling waxwork show; Codlin and Short, two unsavoury Punch & Judy men; the mysterious Single Gentleman; and many more.

Production team

Set Design
Tony Broscomb
Lighting Designer
Mark Easterfield
Sound Designer
Chris Hay
Costume Designer
Judy Hanson
Stage Manager
Graham Matheson
Floor Manager
Tim Brunton
Cathy McCluskey
Lyn Chatterton
Hannah Curtis
Gary Beaver
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