Murder At A Funeral

Produced by: 
Break An Egg Theatre Company (
Performance times: 
Thursday 17 September - Saturday 19 September 2015, 19:45

London. 1930. Lady Cora Boadicea Flange is dead. At her wake, six mourners arrive at the wealthy spinster’s home to pay their final respects and hear the reading of her will.

Her housekeeper, her nephew, her personal trainer, her lover, her agent and her doctor each expect to inherit her vast fortune.

The growing tension escalates as Cora’s solicitor Donald Tinkle is joined by Inspector Trout of Scotland Yard and the reading of the will confirms suspicions that one of the ‘mourners’ murdered her... But that’s not all. There is a second wicked twist and they have just one hour to solve it.

Murder at a Funeral is a farcical comedy play that pays homage to Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit murder mysteries. But in this case, it’s very much whodidntdoit!

Production team

Set Designer/Builder
David Picking
Lighting Designer
Martin Avery
Deputy Stage Manager
Timea White
Technical Director
Martin Avery
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