The Night Of The Iguana

Performance times: 
Tuesday 26 July - Saturday 30 July 2016, 19:45

The year is 1940. The Blitz burns the heart of London while the disgraced Rev. Lawrence Shannon survives as a third-rate tour guide an ocean away in Mexico. As his latest tour group unravels amid claims of his improprieties, he purposely strands his guests at a remote bohemian jungle hotel run by an old friend. But his desperate bid to quell the fires raging in his soul is cut short by a menagerie of hotel residents who compromise and confuse his fragile state of mind.
Tennessee Williams' rarely performed, fascinating and haunting love story lays bare the secret insecurities common to us all.

The show is a 2 act, one set, exterior, taking place in a Mexican rainforest in 1940, featuring a oddball collection of guests. Technically, the show shouldn't be much of a challenge except for a storm that hits at the end of act I. There will need to be live rain sprayed down on a corrugated steel roof which then dribbles off the edge into the hands of the main character,  The Reverend Shannon.  The amount of wetted space will be rather limited with the aid of a pin spot that simulates the glow of a "kerosene" lantern held by the actor. We must also simulate windy conditions with a wind sock being blown about and an overhead cable that sways in the wind. And of course we'll need the requisite lightning and rumble of thunder.

Production team

Set Designer
Paul Philpott
Master Carpenter
Tony Broscomb
Technical Director
Michael Darvell
Deputy Stage Manager
Rachel Chapman
Costume Designer
Gretta Hall-Tamlyn
Lighting Designer
Martin Avery
Sound Effects Designer
Simon Munford
Sound Operator
Chrissy Day
Chris Avery
Kate Crofts
Chris Hindley
Sound operator
Chrissy Day
Lighting operator
Diane Winkleby
Lighting oeprator
Natalie Moreton
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Get-in Sun 24 Jul 2016 09:00 ADC Theatre
Technical rehearsal Sun 24 Jul 2016 19:00 ADC Theatre
Dress rehearsal Mon 25 Jul 2016 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Tue 26 Jul 2016 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Wed 27 Jul 2016 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Thu 28 Jul 2016 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Fri 29 Jul 2016 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Sat 30 Jul 2016 19:45 ADC Theatre
Get-out Sat 30 Jul 2016 22:00 ADC Theatre