A Christmas Carol

Produced by: 
Bawds (https://www.bawds.org)
Performance times: 
Tuesday 10 December - Saturday 14 December 2024, 19:45
Saturday 14 December 2024, 14:30
Hello, Penguins   Bawds will be producing Charles Dickens' well-loved tale at the ADC in December.  Scrooge, an elderly miser, is visited by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.  After their visits, Scrooge is transformed into a kinder, gentler man.  In this new adaptation by Barry Brown, we will be attempting to keep the story fresh and the themes relevant for today using film and other devices to emphasise the ghostly mood, whilst not forgetting Dickens' humour and sense of fun.  This will be a busy show with lots of fast-moving scenes and a fair amount of flying and projection.  The running time will be under 2 hours plus interval.   We'd love to hear from you if you would like to join the production team which currently comprises: Beth White (DSM & Props), Mark Easterfield (Lighting), Paul Malpas (Sound Design), Ian Favell (Original music), Maddie Forrester (Choreography), Hannah Curtis (Hair and Make-up) and me (Production manager).  We're still looking for people to fill the following roles:
  • Stage Manager - to provide practical and organisational support for the director, designer, cast and crew throughout the production and to supervise all on-stage effects, e.g. smoke, mist, etc.
  • Technical Director - we need a confident, experienced TD, who can coordinate all of the show's technical matters, run the get in/get out, take responsibility for health and safety and support the work of the cast and crew.
  • Projection and Sound Operator - the show involves a lot of images and animations that will be projected onto gauze using the ADC house projector.  Many of the effects will be linked to sound or pre-recorded music cues.
  • Master Carpenter - to work with the Lolworth team to bring the set designer's ideas to life. 
  • Props Assistant - to 'run' props during the show.  This might be a good opportunity for someone who hasn't run props before to get involved.
If you can help with any of the above roles or would like more information before committing yourself, please contact Colin Lawrence at: cclawrence555 [at] aol [dot] com.   Thank you.   Joyce, on behalf of Bawds  

Production team

Production Manager
Joyce Fenton
Sound Designer
Paul Malpas
Lighting Designer
Mark Easterfield
Deputy Stage Manager
Beth White
Beth White
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Hannah Curtis
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Get-in Sun 8 Dec 2024 09:00 ADC Theatre
Technical rehearsal Sun 8 Dec 2024 18:00 ADC Theatre
Dress rehearsal Mon 9 Dec 2024 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Tue 10 Dec 2024 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Wed 11 Dec 2024 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Thu 12 Dec 2024 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Fri 13 Dec 2024 19:45 ADC Theatre
Performance Sat 14 Dec 2024 14:30 ADC Theatre
Performance Sat 14 Dec 2024 19:45 ADC Theatre
Get-out Sat 14 Dec 2024 22:00 ADC Theatre
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